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  • Silicone Foam Item Number
    When the material is ejected from the aerosol tank, the foamed rubber material expands rapidly and solidified with the moisture in the air or the contact matrix to form a foam. The foam has the following functions: buffering effect, joint sealing, sealing, heat insulation, sound absorption, etc. it is an environmental friendly, energy saving and convenient building material. It can be applied to buffering, sealing, plugging, filling, fixing, bonding, heat insulation and sound insulation, especially for sealing and sealing of plastic steel or aluminum alloy doors and windows and walls.

    The item number of silicone foam from HONG YE JIE is: HY-F662, HY-F664, HY-F666, HY-F668. 

    The foaming multiple is from 2 to 8 times.

  • Item number of silicone rubber compound
    Potting adhesive is used for bonding, sealing, potting and coating protection of electronic components. Before curing, the potting compound is liquid and has fluidity. The viscosity of the silicone glue is different according to the material, performance and production process of the product. The use value of potting adhesive can be realized only after it is completely cured. After curing, it can play the role of waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, insulation, heat conduction, confidentiality, corrosion prevention, temperature resistance and shock resistance.

    HONG YE JIE has two types of potting glue, one is condensation cure type potting adhesive, the item number is HY-210, HY-210, HY-230.

    Another type is addition cure type potting compound, the item number is HY-9300, HY-9400, HY-9405, HY-9409, HY-9005, HY-9010, HY-9015, HY-9020, HY-9025, HY-9030, HY-9035, HY-9040, HY-9045, HY-9050, HY-9055, HY-9305, HY-9310, HY-9315, HY-9320, HY-9325, HY-9330, HY-9335, HY-9340, HY-9345.

  • Platinum cure mold making silicone item number
    Shenzhen Hong Ye Jie is an old brand of silicone rubber manufacturer in China since 1998, its mould making silicone rubber have been sold well over the world more than 20 years, especially platinum cure silicone, the item numbers are HY-E605, HY-E610, HY-E615, HY-E620, HY-E625, HY-E630, HY-E635, HY-E640, HY-E645, HY-E650, HY-E655, HY-E660, HY-E665 (also called E605#, E610#, E615#, E620#, E625#, E630#, E635#, E640#, E645#, E650#, E655#, E660#, E665#). 

    HY-E series has been popular with high reputation with FDA food grade feature, high temperature resistance, excellent tear strength and tensile strength, low shrinkage and low viscosity. 

  • Question: What’s the difference between silicone foam and PU foam
    Answer: PU foaming multiple can be dozens of times, but the temperature resistance is only 100℃, but silicone foam can withstand more than 200℃. Moreover, PU foaming cannot be flame retardant, but silicone foam can be flame retardant and fire proof.
  • Question: What’s the difference between silicone rubber and silicone gel
    Answer: Both silicone rubber and silicone gel are elastic elastomer, but silicone gel is a kind of super soft of silicone rubber, it’s semi solidified and non-dry after curing.

    Silicon gel has better adaptability and environment and is used in any substance, and it can be automatically healed after crushing by force, and its density is strong enough to prevent moisture and water. Therefore, silicone gel is used for waterproof, moisture-proof, gas proof coating, pouring and sealing protection of precision electronic components, backlight and electrical modules.