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Silicone Foam Item Number
Silicone Foam Item Number
When the material is ejected from the aerosol tank, the foamed rubber material expands rapidly and solidified with the moisture in the air or the contact matrix to form a foam. The foam has the following functions: buffering effect, joint sealing, sealing, heat insulation, sound absorption, etc. it is an environmental friendly, energy saving and convenient building material. It can be applied to buffering, sealing, plugging, filling, fixing, bonding, heat insulation and sound insulation, especially for sealing and sealing of plastic steel or aluminum alloy doors and windows and walls.

The item number of silicone foam from HONG YE JIE is: HY-F662, HY-F664, HY-F666, HY-F668. 

The foaming multiple is from 2 to 8 times.

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