Potting silicone for electricity power supply
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        Potting silicone is perfect to be used for electronics potting, encapsulating, sealing and bonding, widely used in electronic products, electricity, power supply, automotive ect. For example, used for potting of electronic components, power module and control module and controllers, junction box, solar cell assembly etc..

        Electric power supply potting silicone can reduce stress and withstand high and low temperature impact. For the high power control module, thermal conductive silicone is used to achieve the function of heat dissipation, or outdoor protection for electronics such as LED screen.

        Electric potting silicone can improve the insulation level of electronics, improve heat dissipation, and avoid the risk of electronics overheating and burning in a short time.


        Potting silicone has excellent insulation and thermal insulation performance, low thermal expansion coefficient; waterproof performance can make the cured colloid effectively prevent condensate from entering; corrosion resistance can ensure long-term work in acid and salt environment; excellent aging resistance can make its service life up to 50 years, so it is widely used in insulation, moisture-proof sealing, environmental protection and anticorrosion, encapsulation and bonding of cable accessories.

2)Power Supply
        Due to its unique properties, moisture-proof, hydrophobicity (a performance index of water permeability resistance), electrical insulation, high and low temperature resistance, chemical stability and other excellent properties, some varieties also have radiation resistance, oil resistance and solvent resistance, physical and chemical stability and other outstanding advantages, in recent years, it has been widely developed and applied in the field of power industry, which is typical. Technology-intensive and high value-added products.


1) Water proof, insulation, thermal conductive, shock withstand, moisture proof, flame retardant, fire proof

2)Good cold and heat shock resistance, withstanding the cold and heat shock of - 60 C - 200 C, non-cracking, maintaining elasticity, sealing performance, moisture-proof/waterproof performance is superior.

3)After curing, it is an elastomer with good impact resistance, anti-ultraviolet and anti-atmospheric ageing weatherability, no exothermic heat during curing, little stress on electronic components, insufficient strength and low shrinkage.

4)It can be adjusted into flame retardant, insulating and conductive properties, with silicon-oxygen (Si-O) bond as the main chain structure, which is superior to other filling materials in life, poor adhesion and low strength.

5)It can be operated in all kinds of harsh environments without too much requirement for the environment (Moisture, salt fog, dust, vibration, heat, deep sea, cold, etc.).


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